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【 Address: 】:2nd Floor, Langqing Square, Xiaoyuan Road, Guanyinqiao, Chongqing

Chongqing Travel Guide

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Introduction to Chongqing

Chongqing is a model mountain city in Chūgoku Mountains, the world's hot spring capital, and the Chinese hotpot capital. It is the residence of Chengdu Chongqing Financial Court and the first city of Trans-Eurasia Logistics. By 2022, it has gathered 964 R&D platforms of all kinds; There are 70 universities stationed in Chongqing, including China (Chongqing) Pilot Free Trade Zone [5], China New (Chongqing) Strategic Interconnection Demonstration Project, Western Land Sea New Channel [6] and other strategic projects.

Famous tourist attractions

Hongya Cave, Dazu Rock Carvings, Wulong Karst Tourist Area, Three Gorges, Monument to the people's Liberation, Chaotianmen, Geleshan, Ciqikou Ancient Town, Yangtze River Cableway, Mount Jinfo

Top 10 must-see tourist attractions in chongqing

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Top ten tourist attractions in Chongqing: Youyang Taohuayuan, Dazu Rock Carvings, Wulong Karst Tourist Area, Wushan Small Three Gorges · Small Three Gorges Scenic Area, Zhuoshui Ancient Town Scenic Area, Chongqing Wansheng Heishan Valley Ecological Tourist Area, Mount Jinfo National Scenic Area, Simian Mountain National Scenic Area, Chongqing Yunyang Longtan National Geopark, Ayi River Tourist Area, etc.

1. Youyang Peach Blossom Garden

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Youyang Taohuayuan, located at 232 Taohuayuan Road in Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Chongqing, borders Longshan County, Hunan Province in the east, Xiushan County, Songtao and Yinjiang County, Guizhou Province in the south, Yanhe County, Guizhou Province across the river (Wujiang River) in the west, Pengshui County in the northwest, Qianjiang District, Xianfeng and Laifeng County, Hubei Province in the north. With a total area of 50 Square kilometre, Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Spot consists of eight parts, namely, the Ancient Taoyuan, Taigu Cave, Youzhou Ancient City, Taohuayuan Forest Park, Taohuayuan Square, Taohuayuan Style Town, Eryou Mountain Paradise Cultural Theme Park, and Taoyuan Grand Stage. Integrating karst geological wonders, farming culture of Qin and Jin Dynasties, folk culture of Tujia, and natural ecological culture, it has concentrated the most beautiful original ecological natural pastoral scenery in Wuling Mountains of China, and inherited the long human history and splendid national culture of Tujia people and Miao nationalities.

2. Dazu Rock Carvings

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Dazu Rock Carvings, located in Dazu District, Chongqing, were chiseled in the Tang, Five Dynasties and Song Dynasties, and continued to be chiseled in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is now a world cultural heritage site and one of the eight major grottoes in the world. Dazu Rock Carvings are distributed in the southwest, northwest and northeast sectors of the county, totaling 23. There are 19 concentrated areas such as Baoding Mountain and Beishan. Among them, the Mount Baoding Buddhist Sculptures has the largest scale and the most exquisite statues. In addition to Buddhist and Taoist statues, there are also statues of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism in the same niche, with Buddhist statues accounting for the largest proportion. Dazu Rock Carvings represent the highest level of world grotto art from the 9th to the 13th century AD and are the last monument in the history of human grotto art. It showcases the significant development and changes in the artistic style of Chinese grottoes during the Tang and Song dynasties from different perspectives, and has irreplaceable historical, artistic, and scientific value in the early stages of grottoes. And is renowned for its grand scale, exquisite carving, diverse themes, rich connotations, and well preserved properties.

3. Wulong Karst Tourist Area

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Wulong Karst Tourist Area, located at No. 32, Ginkgo Avenue, Wulong District, Chongqing, has a rare Natural landscape of Karst Plateau, including karst caves, sinkholes, ground fissures, canyons, peak clusters, alpine grasslands, etc., with a comprehensive shape; It also has a variety of holiday, leisure, entertainment and sports, as well as the unique folk customs of Tujia people, Miao, Gelao people and other ethnic minorities. Wulong Karst Tourist Area includes three parts: Three Natural Bridges, Xiannv Mountain and Furong Cave. The scenic spot is also the location of the Curse of Golden Flower and Transformers 4.

4. Wushan Little Three Gorges · Little Three Gorges Scenic Area

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The Little Three Gorges, also known as the Wushan Little Three Gorges · Little Three Gorges Scenic Area, is located on Ningjiang Road, Wuxia Town, Wushan County, Chongqing. The Wushan Small Three Gorges is composed of Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge, and Dicui Gorge, which flow through the lower reaches of the Daning River and are adjacent to the Yangtze River Three Gorges. The Wushan Little Three Gorges is located on the Madu River, a tributary of the Daning River at the Dicui Gorge. It is the general name for the Changtan Gorge, Qinwang Gorge, and Sandun Gorge. The Little Three Gorges is the sister gorge of the Daning River and the Little Three Gorges, and is named "Little Three Gorges" because it is smaller than the Daning River and the Little Three Gorges. The Wushan Little Three Gorges · Little Three Gorges Scenic Area has a total length of 65 kilometers. There are water gorge landscapes, peak rock landscapes, cave landscapes, animal and plant landscapes, cultural landscapes, and spatial landscapes. Among them, water landscape includes water, spring, stream, pool, beach, curtain waterfall, pebble and other types; peak rock landscape includes cliff, mountain peak, strange stone, pattern, texture, color and other types; cave landscape includes many Karst Plateau caves and underground rivers with different development degrees, sizes, heights and styles.

5. Zhuoshui Ancient Town Scenic Area

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Zhuoshui Ancient Town Scenic Spot, located in Zhuoshui Town, Qianjiang District, Chongqing, rose in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty, and gradually declined after the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is called "the three famous towns of Youyang" together with Longtan Ancient Town and Gongtan Ancient Town of Youyang. The streets and alleys of Zhuoshui Ancient Town generally follow a pattern of "five streets, seven alleys, three palaces, and seven courtyards". The "five streets" are distributed in the north and south, and from south to north are Banbian Street, Jiangxi Street, Middle Street, Laoyanhang, and Lijia Old Street; The "seven alleys" all run in an east-west direction, namely Zui Alley, Shui Alley, Wangjia Alley, Wantiangong Alley, Ranjiang Alley, Yujia Alley, and Tan Jia Alley; The "Three Palaces" from south to north are Wantian Palace, Yuwang Palace, and Wanshou Palace; The "Seven Courtyards" are distributed along the street, from south to north are Baxiantang, Gongjiabaoting, Yanfang Qianzhuang, Wang Benshan's former residence, Wang's Youhao, Guangshunhao, and Zhuoheba Lecture Hall. On both sides of the street, businesses, folk houses, guild halls and schools are all of wooden structure, some of which are stilted buildings, some are Siheyuan, and some are Tuojikou. They are well arranged and have unique charm.

6. Chongqing Wansheng Heishan Valley Ecological Tourism Zone

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Chongqing Wansheng Heishan Valley Ecotourism Zone is located in Heishan Town, Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chongqing, adjacent to Nanchuan Mount Jinfo and Guizhou Tongzi Baiqing Nature Reserve, covering an area of 100 Square kilometre. The maximum height difference between the top and the bottom of the valley is 1200 meters, the length of the valley is 13 kilometers, and the slope on both sides of the valley is 70-80 degrees. The tourist area is composed of two scenic spots, Black Valley and Wansheng Stone Forest. There are steep mountains, peak forests, secluded gorges, cliffs, forests, bamboo sea, waterfalls, clear water, karst caves, antique plank roads, floating bridges, cloud sea, countryside, original vegetation, rare animals and plants, and there are 5 gorges, 7 districts, 12 peaks, 36 bridges, 99 waterfalls, 108 ponds, gathering the essence of Karst Plateau landscapes in Chongqing and Guizhou, It is known as "Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area Valley in Southern Chongqing" and "Geological Grand View Garden". The main attractions of the Black Valley Scenic Area include Hongguo Beach, Yuanyang Lake, Yuanyang Lake, Shihuang Umbrella, Jiuqu Painted Screen, Trapped Cow Pond, and so on. The main scenic spots of Wansheng Stone Forest Scenic Spot include Tianmen Cave, Chinese Sinoceras, ten thousand horses galloping, one line of heaven, the first fan in the world, etc.

7. Mount Jinfo National Scenic Area

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Mount Jinfo, also known as Jinshan Mountain and Jiudi Mountain in ancient times, is located in the south of Nanchuan City, the southern edge of Chongqing. It belongs to the northern end of Dalou Mountains. The main peak, Fengchuanling, is the highest peak of Dalou Mountains, with an altitude of 2238.2 meters. One of the Mount Jinfo people got his name from the song dynasty poem "Look at Mount Jinfo Ballad", the earliest poem describing Nanchuan: "Look at Mount Jinfo in the morning, look at Mount Jinfo in the evening. He Cuiwei, the golden Buddha, is in the misty clouds.". Mount Jinfo, together with Everest, Maya civilization and the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, is located near the mysterious north latitude of 30 degrees. There are three wonders of Karst Plateau world natural heritage, biodiversity and Buddhist culture. Mount Jinfo is composed of Jinfo Mountain, Baizhi Mountain and Qingba Mountain, covering the whole southern area of Nanchuan District, with a total area of 1300 Square kilometre, accounting for half of the total area of Nanchuan District, of which the planned area of scenic spots is 441 Square kilometre, and the core scenic area is 66 square kilometers. The Natural landscape of Mount Jinfo mainly includes cliffs and cliffs, canyons, strange peaks, karst caves, ecological stone forests, springs and waterfalls, and meteorological landscapes.

8. Simian Mountain National Scenic Area.

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Simian Mountain National Scenic Area, located in Simian Town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing, is the core area of the Golden Triangle of Chongqing, Sichuan and Guizhou tourism. It integrates mountains, water, forests, waterfalls and stones, and integrates seclusion, danger, magnificence, wonder and beauty. With unique Natural landscape, beautiful ecological environment and rich tourism resources, it is a tourist destination for leisure and vacation. Simian Mountain Scenic Area covers an area of 213.37 Square kilometre, with an altitude of 1000-1500 meters. It mainly has core scenic spots such as Wangxiangtai, Diyan, Longtan Lake, Honghai, Pearl Lake, and a total of 128 scenic spots, with four distinctive landscapes, namely, "Qishan", "Yishui", "Hongshi", and "Houwen". Simian Mountain is a national scenic spot, with a Forest cover of 95.4% and more than 1700 kinds of animals and plants. It is the only subtropical original evergreen broad-leaved forest belt in the same latitude of the earth, and has been identified by the United Nations ecological protection experts as a rare "natural species Gene pool" on the earth.

9. Chongqing Yunyang Longgang National Geopark

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Chongqing Yunyang Longgang National Geopark is known by tourists as the last "Shangri La" of Three Gorges and "Xiaohua Mountain" of Chongqing. Located in the southeast corner of Yunyang County, it integrates sinkholes, canyons, karst caves, alpine grasslands, forests, and Tujia customs. The main scenic spots include Longtantiankeng, Yunduan covered bridge, Longdong scenery, Longkuxia Gorge, Qishan Grassland, the ancient Great Wall of Quecao, Qiyangguan ancient road ruins, Gaixiaba Lake, and so on. The depth of the Longgang Heavenly Pit is 335 meters, ranking third in the country and fifth in the world. The walls of the Longgang Heavenly Pit are arched by steep cliffs, with a tilt of nearly 90 degrees. This straight up and straight down shape is extremely rare in the world and enjoys the reputation of being the "first tank in the world". The scenic area is built on a 1010 meter high cliff with a "Cloud End Corridor Bridge", shaped by the petals of the "Sky Flower". The corridor bridge allows for a 720 degree view of the surrounding scenery. The entire scenic area has unique landforms, dense karst caves, strange peaks and rocks, stalagmites and towering beauty. It is a museum of natural sciences and a grand view garden of geological landscapes.

10. Ayi River Tourist Attraction

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Ayi River is located at No. 500, Group 6, Ayi River Community, Shaoqing Street, Pengshui County, Chongqing. The Miao family refers to kind-hearted, beautiful, and intelligent women as "Jiao Ayi", hence the name Ayi River. The Ayi River Scenic Area integrates mountains, water, forests, springs, and gorges, integrating grandeur, wonder, danger, beauty, and seclusion. The scenic area is divided into three sightseeing areas: canyon sightseeing area, hiking sightseeing area, and bamboo raft sightseeing area. There are two leisure vacation areas: reception center ethnic style leisure vacation area and Niujiaozhai ethnic style leisure vacation area. There are two experience areas: drifting experience area and outdoor experience area, one passionate drifting area, and one characteristic product service area. There are 8 major tourist projects open to the outside world, including listening to music in the canyon, singing on the bamboo raft, playing in the water in the green pool, wave stopping flying boat, Qingding Miao Village, Qinglong Sky Ladder, Qinglongdong Ancient Architectural Complex and Qinglong Valley. Walking through, you can see strange flowers and plants, ancient vines and old trees; Boating on the river, you can enjoy the thrilling rapids and waves, making it the first choice for leisure sightseeing, folk experience, outdoor rock climbing, and water sports.

In addition, Chongqing Fengjie Baidicheng Qutang Gorge Scenic Spot, Chongqing Fengdu Mingshan Scenic Spot, Chongqing Zhongxian Shibaozhai, Chongqing Geleshan Forest Park, Chongqing Jinyun Mountain Scenic Spot, Chongqing Beiquan Scenic Spot, Chongqing Ciqikou Ancient Town, Chongqing Tongjing Hot Spring Scenic Spot, Chongqing Hongya Cave Folk Custom Scenic Spot, etc. are also ideal tourist attractions in Chongqing.---From chongqing gay massage by male.