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Recommended Guangzhou Gay Bar

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1. K9 Noble CLUB

The aristocratic bar in Guangzhou, now also known as the "K9 CLUB" by some customers, is a popular bar pursued by the city's enthusiasts. It has convenient transportation and a modern decoration style, which is very popular among young people.

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【 Address: 】 No. 28 Tianhe North Road, F1 Times Square.

【 Business Hours 】 21:00-02:00

2. UNi_Club GuangZhou

This gay bar is very unique in Guangzhou, with a very good geographical location, adjacent to the Yuexiu Financial Center. The area inside the bar is also relatively large, and there are many people on weekends and holidays, with many young and handsome guys coming to play.

Those who live near the the Pearl River New City will go to play and hold regular activities. They use the ticket system. They need to buy tickets to enter the site, including beer. Friends who go to Guangzhou can go and experience it.

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【 Address: 】 1st floor, Weijiasi Square, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

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Guangzhou Travel Guide

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Introduction to Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province, a national central city, a megacity, and the headquarters of the southern theater of war. It is an international metropolis, international trade center, international comprehensive transportation hub, national comprehensive gateway city, and a national historical and cultural city designated by the State Council. Since the Qin Dynasty, Guangzhou has been the political, military, economic, cultural, and scientific and educational center of South China. Since the 1930s, Guangzhou has become the main port of the Maritime Silk Road, the largest port in China in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the only foreign trade port in China in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Famous tourist attractions

Huacheng Square, Guangzhou Tower, Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou Changlong Tourist Resort, Shamian, Shawan Ancient Town, Chen Family Ancestral Hall, South China National Botanical Garden, Baomo Garden, Yuyin Mountain House, Yongqing Square, Lingnan Impression Garden, Guangzhou Cultural Museum, Guangzhou Panyu Lianhua Mountain Tourist Area.

Top 12 must-see tourist attractions in Guangzhou

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Nine cities and two special zones in Guangdong have been linked together as the Great Bay Area. The scenic spots in each city are widely distributed. If you are not familiar with the route, you will easily miss the essence scenic spots and spend a lot of money. We went to play at that time. A friend introduced Yi Yi, a local tourist steward in Guangdong, to plan it. The essence tour route is roughly divided into the Guangzhou Shenzhen Pearl River section, the Chaoshan Nan'ao Island section, and the Hong Kong Macao section. We chose the five-day panoramic loop line of Guangzhou Shenzhen Pearl River, I strolled around several cities in the the Pearl River Delta and tasted many local specialties all the way. I not only enjoyed myself, but also saved half the cost.

1. Guangzhou Chimelong

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Covering a total area of 10000 mu, Chimelong Tourist Resort has facilities such as Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong International Circus, Chimelong Wildlife World, Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou Crocodile Park, Chimelong Hotel, Xiangjiang Hotel, Chimelong Golf Training Center and Xiangjiang Restaurant. It is a comprehensive theme tourist resort integrating tourist attractions, hotel catering, entertainment and leisure, and is the most interesting tourist attraction in Guangzhou.

2. Million Sunflower Garden

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The Million Sunflower Garden covers an area of 260000 square meters, and one million sunflowers are planted. The main scenic spots are the East Sunflower District, the Fragrant Love Eden, the colorful flower fields, the amorous Netherlands Island, the mysterious Rose garden, China's Jezhou Island, the Flower Animation Port, the Squirrel Valley, Guangzhou Animation Village, Shangri La, the Piglet Fun Garden, and the Pure White Pigeon Square. Million Kui Garden is not only one of the most fun places in Guangzhou, but also a delicious place to eat. When traveling here, you must try sunflower chicken. Sunflower chicken is sweet, sweet, crispy, and rich in vitamin E. "Sunflower Chicken Stewed Soup" and "Steamed Sunflower Chicken" are the most famous. In addition, stewed pork belly with lotus root, stewed duck meat with lotus root, stir fried lotus root slices with southern milk, and brewed lotus root with green beans are all local specialties.

3. Guangzhou Zoo

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Guangzhou Zoo has animal facilities such as the Gorilla Pavilion, Kangaroo Pavilion, Insect Pavilion, Bird Exhibition Area, and Aquarium. There are over 450 species of mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish selected from across the country and around the world (as of 2013), with over 4500 heads (animals), many of which belong to the world's rare birds and animals. There are 35 species of national Class I key protected animals, such as giant panda, Snub-nosed monkey and Black-necked crane, and 32 species of national Class II key protected animals, such as red panda and White-naped crane. Maiguo editor's warm reminder: The park has two entrances and exits, the south gate and the north gate, both of which have parking lots.

4. Guangzhou Tower

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The total height of the Guangzhou Tower is 600 meters, of which the main tower is 450 meters high and the antenna mast is 150 meters high. It has five functional areas and a variety of amusement facilities, including the outdoor viewing platform, the Ferris wheel, the Extreme Cloud Ride, two sightseeing halls, suspended corridors, sky ladders, 4D and 3D dynamic cinemas, Chinese and Western food, exhibition facilities, shopping malls and science popularization exhibition halls. Among them, there are "Spider Man Plank Path" sky walking ladders 168~334.4 meters away from the tower body, Revolving restaurant 422.8 meters away, and Ferris wheel 450~454 meters away from the top. There is a "Extreme Cloud Sky" descent amusement project located at a distance of 455-485 meters from the antenna mast.

5. South China Botanical Garden

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The South China Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has established nearly 30 specialized gardens, including Mulan Garden, Ginger Garden, Bamboo Garden, Palm Area, Relict Plant Area, Medicinal Plant Area, Orchid Garden, Cycas Garden, Pteridophyte and Shade Plant Area, Orchid Garden, Pineapple Garden, Azalea Garden, Camellia Garden, Urban Landscape Ecological Garden, Energy Plant Area, Australian Botanical Garden, including Longdong Qilin, Guangzhou No.1 Village, Large Exhibition Greenhouse Group, Science Popularization Information Center, History Exhibition Hall Main attractions include celebrity hand planted tree areas, Pugang Nature Education Trail, and primary and secondary school biology practice parks.

6. Baiyun Mountain

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Baiyun Mountain, a famous mountain in southern Guangdong, is quite broad and consists of more than 30 peaks. It is a branch of Jiulian Mountain, the highest peak in Guangdong. Covering an area of 20.98 square kilometers, the main peak, Moxing Ridge, is 382 meters high, with overlapping peaks and crisscross streams. Climbing high, you can overlook the whole city and the the Pearl River in the distance. Every time it clears after rain or in late spring, the mountains are shrouded in white clouds, creating a magnificent spectacle, hence the name Baiyun Mountain. MAIgoo editor's warm reminder: Baiyun Mountain has 7 tourist areas from south to north, including Luhu Scenic Area, Santailing Scenic Area, Mingchun Valley Scenic Area, Moxingling Scenic Area, Mingzhulou Scenic Area, Fei'eling Scenic Area, and Heyiling Scenic Area.

7. the Pearl River Night Tour

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The Pearl River Night Tour, as one of the "Eight Sights of Eight Sights of Guangzhou" in Guangzhou, is a beautiful business card of Guangzhou tourism. The night scenery on both sides of the Pearl River is beautiful, and the ancient buildings with Lingnan characteristics are gathered together. Along the way, you can enjoy the famous scenic spots such as Guangzhou Tower, Haixinsha, Galaxy Concert Hall, White Goose Pool, etc. The whole journey is about 60 minutes, from west to east, west to White Goose Pond, east to Liede Bridge. This route is the the Pearl River night view tourist reach, with flashing lights and dazzling charm, like a ten mile gallery inlaid with seven colored pearls.

8. Zengcheng Baishui Village

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Within the Baishuizhai Scenic Area, there are towering mountains and towering peaks. There are 9 peaks above an altitude of 1000 meters, with the highest peak being Niuguzhang at an altitude of 1088 meters. The mountain is tall, steep, and straight in line, combining majesty, wonder, danger, and beauty. The main scenic spots include the hydrophilic plank road, the first ladder in the south of the sky, Narcissus papyraceus Waterfall, Qiqu Water Valley, and Dafeng Gate. In the ecological landscape park at the foot of Baishuizhai Mountain, you can swim in the green and clear spring, play water fights, play water walking balls, trend nuclear balls and other water activities, stop on the arch bridge, curved bridge, or lie lazily on the bank, looking at the beauty of the waterfall, and feel at ease.

9. Yuexiu Park

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Yuexiu Park has a long history and rich Natural landscape and cultural landscape. It is a city level comprehensive cultural recreation park with beautiful environment. It consists of 7 hills and 3 artificial lakes. The forest in the park is lush, with a green coverage rate of 83.48%. It not only preserves the ruins of various historical periods such as the Zhenhai Tower, the Ming Dynasty ancient city wall, the Sifang Battery Site, and the Zhongshan Monument, as well as numerous ancient trees and famous trees, but also constructs the Wuyang Immortal Court, the Idiom Fable Garden, the Bamboo Forest Leisure Area, the South Korean Sea Tokyo Gyeonggi Garden, and a swimming pool.

10. Baomo Yuan

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Baomo Yuan integrates honest and upright officials' culture, Lingnan garden art, Lingnan ancient architecture, and Pearl River Delta water features. The buildings and landscapes in the garden mainly include: Cure the Foundation Hall, Baomo Hall, Qingxin Pavilion, Yanglian Bridge, Zidong Boat, Longtu Hall, Thousand Elephants Corridor, and Flavor Food Street. The plants planted in the park mainly include the thousand year old Arhat pine, Jiulixiang, Zanthoxylum nitidum, ginkgo, Yutangchun, big leaf banyan, crape myrtle, and a large number of Lingnan bonsai. In addition, the Purple Bamboo Creek in the Purple Bamboo Garden has a dedicated area for children to play with water and watch fish, making it a joyful place for children.

11. Baosang Garden

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Baosang Garden covers an area of over 800 acres, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with a good environment. It grows hundreds of thousands of different varieties of mulberry trees, earning the reputation of being a "mulberry field ecological oxygen bar" in China. The park has various vacation and leisure facilities, gathering various fun and novel sports. Tourists can stroll in the mulberry forest and freely taste the red, purple, and black mulberry fruits hanging all over the branches; You can also experience space bouncing shoes, water polo balls, and grass yoyo balls, experiencing the fun of dual drum washing machines and space walking; You can also fly kites, feed silkworms, reel silk, make insect specimens... full of fun.

12. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

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Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is located between Shangjiu Road, Xiajiu Road and Shifu Road, with a total length of about 1237 meters. It has more than 200 commercial stores and thousands of businesses. It is one of the three traditional prosperous commercial centers in Guangzhou. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street gathers the old Xiguan food culture, Lingnan food culture and Lingnan folk customs in the Cantonese culture. There are dozens of restaurants, both large and small, with a century old shop and a special snack bar. It has become an area for the exchange of traditional and modern, national and international food culture, fully reflecting the food culture and customs of "eating in Guangzhou, taste in Xiguan".

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