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Recommended Dalian Gay Bar

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Dalian Fred Gay Bar

The consumption of Fred's Bar is at the level of a regular bar, with a bottle of beer costing around 15-20 yuan,In terms of population, it is mostly gay, mainly young people, with relatively few elderly people,The environment is average, especially small.

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【 Address: 】:No. 2 Aihua Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian City

Dalian Travel Guider

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Introduction to Dalian

Dalian is located on the east coast of Eurasia, the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in northeast China, bordering the Bohai Sea in the northwest, and facing the Yellow Sea in the southeast. There are 260 islands, large and small. It is a sub provincial-level city in China, a city specifically designated in the state plan, and one of the 14 coastal open cities in China; It is an important coastal port city in Liaoning Province, China, the second largest city in the province, and the main external gateway of Northeast China; It is also an important international shipping center, international logistics center, and regional financial center in Northeast Asia. In 2012, China ranked 11th in urban competitiveness, 8th in financial competitiveness nationwide, and first in Northeast China.

Famous tourist attractions

Xinghai Square, Tiger Beach, Dalian Forest Zoo, Bangchui Island, Jinshitan National Tourism Resort, Dalian Shengya Ocean World, Dalian Western Suburb National Forest Park, Bingyugou, Guanglu Island, Dalian Discovery Kingdom Theme Park.