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Recommended Suzhou Gay Bar

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Suzhou Deep Breath Bar

Deep Breath is a gay bar with excellent environment in Suzhou. It is located at the junction of Jianshe Liuma Road and Dongfeng Road, the gathering place of nightlife. The name fully expresses the inner desire of the arriving guests: take a deep breath, relax all over, and dispel the fatigue of the day. The storefronts are mainly in space silver, with no other decorations, only the three metal characters "Deep Breath", giving a full Cyber feel.

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【 Address: 】:Beside Jia'an Bieyuan, No. 93 Shuyuan Lane, Sanyuanfang, Renmin Road, Suzhou.

Suzhou Travel Guide

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Introduction to Suzhou

Suzhou, formerly known as Wu and now referred to as Su, has many ancient names and nicknames such as Gusu, Wudu, Wuzhong, Dongwu, Wumen and Pingjiang. It is a city under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province, with an administrative level of Prefecture-level city. It actually enjoys the treatment of a sub provincial city. It is the economic, foreign trade, industry, commerce and logistics center of Jiangsu Province, as well as an important cultural, artistic, educational and transportation center.

Famous tourist attractions

Humble Administrator's Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Canglang Pavilion, Lingering Garden, Zhouzhuang Ancient Town, Tiger Hill, Hanshan Temple, Jinji Lake.