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Xiaoshu is one of the most outstanding newcomers recently. He is only 18 years old and has just started college. He came to apply for a masseuse because his friends encouraged him, and I heard it was also easy to earn money. He didn't think too much and went to sea. He, who lives in Tamsui, runs to the store without classes and doesn't return until closing time. He says he doesn't want to travel back and forth, but instead relies on the store to pick up designated customers or chat with everyone. Sometimes he is too idle and may have only one guest all day; But when he's busy, he can't run away for 4 or 5 consecutive times a day. I think if he behaves so outstandingly and maintains good form, perhaps he can save his first bucket of gold by the age of 20.

Basically, I don't have much interest in Adi Zai. I don't think I need to elaborate on the empty conversations among college students now. Only Robert can connect with him online. Every time he troubles people with the emotional issues between his boyfriends, saying that he doesn't really love Boyfriend A, but the other person loves him so much; B's boyfriend is as cold as ice, ignoring him, but he prefers B, what should he do? He always turns a blind eye to my yawns and insists that I make a choice for him. But every time he says' B ', he chooses' B'. He is reluctant to give up on 'A' and occasionally runs out with a 'C', hoping to put the SPA cleaning pad that the customer has used in his mouth.

Besides, he is quite cute. He is tall, with a thin figure but a beautiful lower body line. His skin has a natural bronze color due to not being exposed to sun protection during cycling, and he always emits a shine due to his youth. Single eyelids are a popular type nowadays, with a childish expression and a tendency to shave or not. Basically, they are not handsome, but they are just college students who pay more attention to their eyes when you see them on the roadside.

The first time I saw him, he was standing next to the SPA bed wearing underwear, watching senior teachers teach. The bag below was very magnificent, more amazing than many teachers, so when he told me he was 18, I felt that the nutrition of children now is much better than before. Since then, I have called him 'Stinky Brother', which is my general term for young comrades under the age of 20. But he said he's not the younger brother, he's the first brother. I believe that he doesn't pretend to be like that (some comrades really work hard pretending to be like him), but I just feel that he is so young that I feel a sense of discord in every way I look at him.

What surprised me was that his boyfriends knew he was in this industry, and he had once hired one of them to become a master. My boyfriend is curious about why my money is so easy to earn, so I'll bring him to try it out, "said Xiao Shu. My inner OS is, 'What's wrong with young people nowadays?' But I also believe that if both parties can accept such a relationship without disturbing others, outsiders really don't need to meddle in their own affairs. There are many couples in the SPA store, and even more so, they do "four handed grenades", where the two serve customers together to make money. I often wonder if customers will know these two masters are Couples? Our SPA store does not tell customers which masters are socializing with, and it is best for all masters to declare themselves single to the public.

The guests of Xiaoshu are all a bit old and have a high social and economic status. There are doctors, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, etc. He is quite lucky. If there is no reservation after serving the guests at night, they will take him to have a big meal or spend the night. The boss had previously stipulated that the master who was brought out would charge a hourly fee to the guest, and two hours out would be equivalent to paying for a massage for two hours, as the master was also counted as working during the time of bringing out. However, this later became quite difficult to implement. The master wanted to establish a good relationship with the customer. Usually, if the master didn't like the customer very much, they would charge him for going out, otherwise they would only be invited to have a meal and chat, and the additional fees would not be charged.

Every time Little Tree comes out, the boss starts to educate other masters and wants everyone to learn from Little Tree. He always emphasizes that the guests love him very much, and even mentions that a guest once wanted to give him a house. I noticed Mark's disapproval, and he may feel threatened as he made it to the "Weekly Star" in a short period of time. The two of them have a strong sense of competition. Mark never goes out to eat with customers, which sometimes leads to customers being polite and even sending meals to the store. I remember once when Mark was a guest at a high-end food stall and asked us to eat sushi first. With his light, I can only say that older people are better at being human, because the little tree has never brought us back for the night, and even has no drinks.

But he was just a child, and with a giggling snort, everyone quickly forgave him. Once, when employees had a dinner and everyone went to KTV to sing, he and his new friend hid in the restroom for a long time without coming out. Rob said that they must be doing something messy. Rob means' having sex ', but both Mark and I believe they were' using things' in the restroom, possibly K or E.

Later, the little tree finally emerged, with a white powder on his nose, resembling a white nosed heart. He and his friend were probably lost, collapsing on the chair, his baseball cap covering his face, and he didn't sing even when the song came. The master sitting next to him asked him what was wrong, but he only said that he was very tired and needed to rest. The boss remained silent and continued to eat his braised platter. I think Xiao Shu is really annoying. If I were to replace him with Michael who has left today, I think the boss might "flip the table". On that day, everyone had a great time, and towards the end, everyone jumped up with the continuous High song. Only the little tree and friends continued to collapse on the sofa, their souls flying nowhere. I really don't understand where the fun lies? Although LaK is not an 18 year old patent, the two of them who are already "not on site" make it easy for us without medication.

Would you still want to do it? I really wonder, because many masters have confided to me privately that since starting this profession, they rarely shoot handguns themselves (does it mean customers do it?), and receiving three to four customers a day means that the master may have to do it three to four times. To be more conservative, at least once? Our KTV dinner was after work, and I remember Xiao Shu had three customers today. Has this medicine been this spring?

Sure enough, something regrettable happened - it wasn't just being copied! The next day, Xiao Shu didn't come to work, and the boss called him but didn't answer. Later on, it was his boyfriend who had come to apply for a master's job (he stopped doing it for a while) who called and said that Xiao Shu had to try his best to ride a motorcycle back to Tamsui that night. Unexpectedly, there was a car accident, his hand was broken, and he had to rest for a while. The boss is certainly very heartbroken. Xiaoshu is one of the top three performers, and the operation of the store will inevitably have some impact. I am also afraid that his customers will be lost. I accompanied the boss to the hospital to see him. Fortunately, he didn't break his appearance, but a broken hand is really troublesome. The masseur just needs to rely on his hand to eat, can he use another place to massage? (I think a small tree may do it, eh?)

This is something that is happening towards the end of the month. I have calculated my performance and there is a high probability that if Xiaoshu doesn't have a car accident, he will defeat Mark and make it to the Weekly Star. I'm not sorry for the little tree, because I love Mark. I can only say that the lucky god of SPA always comes in strange ways. He actually takes care of Xiaoshu, and perhaps after he recovers, Xiaoshu should stop taking drugs for a while.---From shanghai gay massage by male.

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