Shanghai "Gay Massage Club" Business Too Good Reported by Peers

There is a same-sex massage shop in Shanghai that was reported due to its booming business. What's even more puzzling is that after the store was reported, not only did it not receive condemnation, but on the contrary, both employees and customers felt very regretful. Some people are even willing to pay to help the store file a lawsuit.

The owner's name is Ah Qiang, and the massage shop he runs is called Diao Club. The business is very hot. It can be said that the big tree catches the wind. It is said that the Cut throat competition in the industry caused the retaliation, and the famous sculpture club, which was once popular, also went offline. A Qiang, who is only 28 years old, has also been punished by the law. A Qiang was born into an ordinary rural family in Anhui, with both parents being farmers. He grew up from a poor family. After finishing middle school, he dropped out early and embarked on the path of working with his companions.

Ah Qiang has been very delicate since childhood, with a sweet and charming voice. His figure is also graceful and charming. After coming to Shanghai, he worked at a gym. Due to his unique appearance and personality, many people enjoyed chatting with him, and even liked her more than girls. So, under the recommendation of a friend, he was introduced to a gay club for a massage. At first, he was a bit uncomfortable, but after doing it for a while, Ah Qiang felt at ease, mainly earning a lot more than before. From then on, he became uncontrollable on this road, and later, with his intelligence and talent, he also took on the role of chief massage technician.

By chance, Ah Qiang met Ah Bing, a well-known owner of the famous carving club at the time. Ah Bing knew Ah Qiang's reputation in the industry and invited him to join his club, and the price offered was quite expensive. Under the temptation of money, Ah Qiang decided to go to the Mingdiao Club. As soon as he arrived, he served as the chief technician, responsible for managing and training technicians. The store's business was also exceptionally hot, and the store often promoted special services through its website. At that time, due to the Shanghai World Expo, it was often subject to strict investigation by the police, causing fear all day long. At this point, Ah Bing had already made a lot of money and could no longer take risks. He planned to exit the industry and wanted to transfer the store to Ah Qiang.

Although Ah Qiang knew that there were great security risks in this industry and there was a risk of being shut down at any time, due to the high returns and his recent years of experience, he decided to take a risk and take over the Mingdiao Club for 10000 yuan. After Ah Qiang took over, he planned how to minimize the risk and take the road longer. He began to use Weibo, QQ, and Promote the store through online means such as websites. Moreover, when recruiting technicians, Ah Qiang also conducts strict screening and professional training on their skills and services. As men, they may have a better understanding of men's preferences. The image materials and advertisements displayed on promotional websites are extremely obscure and tempting. Soon, the business in the store became very hot.

Ah Qiang is not only good at operation and management, but also provides excellent services. The average age of the technicians under them is around 22 years old, with the youngest being only 19 years old. And they all have clear division of labor, skilled technical skills, and excellent service. The customers are very satisfied, and there are many repeat customers. It was precisely because Ah Qiang's club management was very popular, and people in the same industry were very jealous, that he made a small move behind the scenes. After being reported, the police quickly seized the clubhouse. Ah Qiang was also prosecuted by the court for organizing prostitution. But Ah Qiang actively cooperated, admitted his mistakes, and took all responsibilities.

Although Ah Qiang's behavior violated the law and morality, neither the employees nor the clients complained or criticized him at all. There were even clients willing to help him file a lawsuit. According to a police investigation, most of the customers who come to the store are around 30 to 50 years old, and many are still company owners or even executives. Most people are already married and have children and families. At first, I only saw the promotional website and wanted to give it a try out of curiosity. I felt that being a same-sex person would not pose any risks, which is much safer than massaging the opposite sex. However, after trying this service, I didn't tidy up and naturally fell in love with it. Curiosity really killed cats!

This incident is thought-provoking and has also exposed us to the unknown side of the human heart. When humanity reveals its ugly side, it still shudders. It is understandable that some people attribute this dirty side to. There is no wonder in the vast world, but no matter what it is for or what it is done. People must have a sense of propriety and shame, have their own moral bottom line, and never let desires drive them above morality.

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