The experience of Beijing Gayboy, from material and emotional ups and downs to the end

Beijing has a population of over 20 million, and on a sunny day, it is a magnificent city that houses the country's most majestic buildings, a wide and straight central axis, and luxurious commercial areas. But this glamorous city also hides countless gray areas that cannot be detected from a macro bird's eye view. Each gray area is filled with different gray groups, who are rarely mentioned in mainstream media and social life as if they do not exist. However, in the private lives of certain groups of people, they are truly indispensable, and when people talk about them in non-public places, they inevitably come with some imagination Prejudice or belittling.

This time, I want to share with you three typical men in these gray groups who provide various soft or hard services for Gay men. I don't intend to beautify them, nor do I intend to over interpret them. Recording their true life status as truthfully as possible is the greatest respect for them. Anyway, being able to present their lives to you has proven their courage.

The first male lead introduced to you today is Chen Hao (pseudonym).

Chen Hao is an ordinary man with an unattractive appearance, with a straight size, medium height, and slightly strong body. He comes from Shandong. He is eloquent, has a gentle tone, and is particularly good at expressing his own views. This may have something to do with his career: he is a masseur who specializes in massage services for Gay men.

Seven years ago, he was mopping the floor and carrying dishes at a bar. "We sleep late every day, and the accommodation environment provided by the boss is quite poor. I remember the first time we walked into that environment, my impression was that it was very dark, very humid, the blankets smelled moldy, and I would even find condoms used by others in bed." His tone was full of humor.

There is a fellow villager who runs a massage shop who often goes to bars and becomes familiar with them. The villager says he has no future in bars and wants him to work at his own massage shop. After half a month of training, he hurriedly started his job. At first, he was taught a process and followed suit to massage customers. "But I don't know why I did it in my mind because I don't have a theoretical foundation," he said. After working in the store for over a year, he found that the masseur was "quite profitable" in the city, so he resigned and studied professional massage at a massage school for half a year.

After coming out of the massage school, he didn't work at the massage shop anymore, "I don't think I can earn much money just by taking a commission in the store, and I'm not free. I thought that as long as I have technology, I can eat anywhere in Tianya Haijiao, and I don't have to go to the store. So I built a website for massage advertising myself, and promoted my professional massage service in some gay forums and gay chat websites. At first, the business was not very good. I received two or three customers a week, and earned more than 1000 yuan a month Basement, eating instant noodles, Mantou, vegetables. At that time, I was always searching for customers online in internet cafes, and my biggest wish was to have a second-hand laptop He showed a simple and honest smile.

Gradually, there are returning customers, and customers will also introduce their friends. He can now have two or three customers every day, with a monthly income of no less than five figures.

Chen Hao probably discovered his sexual orientation when he was in high school, which he referred to as' 0.5 ', which means' can be attacked but can be accepted'. I once had a boyfriend who had been together for over two years. "After he got married, we parted ways, and I didn't want to disturb their lives," his voice pressed down.

His friends around him are aware of his sexual orientation, but his parents are not aware of it. Five years ago, in order to prevent his parents from forcing him to marry, he married a woman whom his parents had a crush on and had a son. After marriage, the two did not live together. He still worked as a masseuse in Beijing, while his wife lived at home with her parents and son. He divorced his wife two years ago, and his son belongs to him, staying at home with his parents. He felt that his task for his parents had been completed, which was the same fate of many Gay men men from conservative areas.

He admitted that he initially became a male masseur because he found himself eager to touch the male body, and his work also fulfilled the desire of other men to be touched.

He is not ashamed of this, because he feels that he is selling his skills and strength, not his body. I think my job is very good. I don't steal or steal, and I rely on my own labor to support myself. Laborers are the most honorable. I feel very happy, I do what I want to do, I take the path I want to take, and I don't care about what others think of me. "He said bluntly.

Although equally eager for true love, he admitted that he does not want to find a partner now. As you get older, go to a nursing home. Now you just need to save money. As long as you have money, you won't suffer anymore when you get old.

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