The Story of GAY (GAY Story - An Old Brother I Know)

His surname is Li, but because he is 5 years older than me, I am used to calling him 'Brother'

I don't have many interactions with this guy, usually through mobile chat, and our relationship is very good. It's a very pure gay relationship, but his story is still quite unique in the gay community.

The story of the elder brother is as follows:

He worked as a logistics worker in a school, and his fortune was good. The school gave him a flat, and from that day on, his older brother lived in this flat with nothing to do, living a separate life from his wife.

Actually, I had long wanted to separate and had the idea of getting divorced, but she wouldn't do it, "my older brother said to me that time.Since entering middle age, my older brother and his wife often argue, but my older brother thinks it's because of his own reasons. There are always some unfounded troubles and disagreements in the family that make him unhappy; Later on, the days of separation grew longer, and the old man stopped arguing even when he occasionally returned home. He became silent and ignored his wife, just going home to take a look.

My wife is a cultured person who understands reason but is also shrewd. She feels that at such an old age, she should not divorce, so she has been procrastinating. However, she feels that her husband's changes have become more and more significant since the separation, but she doesn't argue and only observes in secret.

After a few months, my wife secretly got a key to my brother's house, and one afternoon, she finally became an uninvited guest with her son who had already gone to college.

The older brother's son is very sensible. In recent years, he has felt that his mother has been suffering, but he also loves his father. He is not sure what happened between his parents, but he feels that it is their privacy, so he never asks.

That afternoon, the older brother was not there and he was still at work. The old lady opened the room and entered the room with her son. With her sensitive nerves, she began to search carefully. She thought she would definitely get something, but she was disappointed. She thought she could find a photo of a woman or her underwear, but there was nothing. So, her eyes fixed on the computer in the living room. She asked her son to open the computer, and his son followed suit, So everything in the computer was presented, and the mother and son were immediately stunned.

A large number of gay pictures are displayed on the computer, all of them are men, no women.

When the old man finished work, the computer was still on. His wife was sitting in front of the computer, and his son was sitting in bed without saying a word. The wife gently moved the mouse, and the clear picture made the old man almost faint.

The son glanced at the older brother, didn't speak, stood up, and for some reason he patted him on the shoulder before closing the door and leaving. A quarrel continued to escalate into negotiations in this room, continuing until very late.

This is the story of the old man coming out of the closet, and the ending is quite good. His wife scolded and spat, and even hit the old man a few times. Finally, he decided to divorce peacefully, and his sensible son fully supported him. From then on, the old man lived alone in the house assigned to him by the unit.

The way my brother comes out of the closet is very rare in the gay community, but it's also rare for my wife to be able to do it. I think both she and my brother are good people.

Through this story, we can see Gay's helplessness in traditional Chinese concepts. They are all good people, like those Gay boy masseuses who chose this job for their own lives. We hope that in the near future, more people can accept and understand Gay.--shenzhen gay massage.

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