An affair in a "gay" Massage parlor

At the junction of the sea and the sky, the setting sun slowly walked into the horizon and set a Orange-red ribbon in the sky. The calm sea, the sound of seagulls from afar, the harmonious scene, and the mood were more peaceful.

Following the crooked footprints on the beach, I returned to the car and estimated that it was almost time before driving to a nearby caf é. Today, I made an appointment with a friend who had just completed investment immigration to gather here. They came a bit early and stopped by the seaside!

Lao Jin, here! "After half a year in Australia, Lao Chang still hasn't changed his habit of speaking loudly in public.

Lao Chang, how have you been lately? "I asked him with a smile as I sat down near the door.

Still the same, busy all day, just arrived, a lot of things haven't adapted yet! "We chatted about Lao Chang's feelings in Australia for half a year in the quiet music. Seeing two Australian beauties holding hands passing by in front of us, Lao Chang suddenly stopped the sound about to make and stared at the two beauties as they gradually walked out of the coffee shop.

Lao Jin, a few days ago, I had an affair! "I was surprised by Lao Chang's expression when he suddenly said coldly.

Having an affair, I can't even move my eyes when I see a beautiful woman, haha! "I teased Lao Chang.

"That was the first embarrassing thing when I came to Australia." Lao Chang took a sip of his Coffee cup and told me about what he called "an affair".

It turned out that two days ago, under the working condition of intensive investment and preparation, he felt that his back was sore and he wanted to go to the Massage parlor after work to relieve the pressure. He drove around the area near his home, and a Massage parlor named "MAN'S MASSAGE" (men's Massage parlor) came into sight.

Look at the name, men's Massage parlor, it should mean that all masseurs are men! Why is there a bias in Australia where "lady massage" is just a pornographic activity?! Lao Chang muttered to himself, but no matter what, this man's massage must be a formal and non pornographic place.

I walked straight into the main entrance and saw some warm but slightly ambiguous lighting inside. Lao Chang felt a bit strange and hesitated to stay. A waiter at the front desk greeted him warmly. This Australian young man speaks very politely and elegantly. He wears a Skin-tight garment. When he acts, he has a girl like charm of shyness. Due to the young man's politeness, he decided to stay for a massage.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I always wore the big bathrobe of the Massage parlor, and felt relaxed. I followed the masseur into a big rest room inside.

As soon as he entered, he saw two men without clothes on. Lao Zhang's relaxed heart suddenly hung up again, and after taking two more steps, he caught a glimpse of two men who were almost naked. Originally, men should not be nervous about seeing men naked, but these four people's eyes were all fixed on Lao Zhang at the moment he entered. Under this hot and spicy gaze, Lao Zhang couldn't help but feel a bit strange.

I'm Robert, welcome to our party. "A naked man with a white and clean appearance walked towards him.

I'm Roy, nice to meet you. "As he spoke, another naked man rushed over and hugged him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Is kissing also considered a common greeting etiquette in Australia?! "I interrupted his account.

"That's not etiquette. Kimi ga Inai. You can't imagine that situation. I'm scared to death. Several naked men have rushed at me in succession. Their expressions and behaviors are ambiguous. I don't know about Australian culture anymore, and I know that this feeling is not right! In their eyes, I'm just like a prey, thrown into the wolves." "What do you do?"

You know, although my English is generally good for communication, it's not very effective, especially when it comes to nervousness. I have to explain it in a metaphorical way. I don't attend parties, I come for a massage and relaxation Just like this, I kept going back and forth in the lounge for a few minutes, but I couldn't be too Memeshikute, so I left immediately. Lao Chang quickly turned to the masseur for help, hoping to switch to a single room.

His request was granted and he followed the masseur three steps and two steps to another clean and slightly elegant room.

What do those people do, why don't they wear clothes? "Lao Chang actually had a very positive guess in his heart, but still wanted confirmation from the masseuse.

"Sir, we are a gay Massage parlor, which mainly provides services for gay friends. Maybe they think it is strange to see you..."

After the massage, Lao Chang quickly changed his clothes, grabbed the door and "fled". There was only one thought in my heart: jump on the car, step on the gas pedal, and quickly leave this place.

"Lao Jin, fortunately, this time it was a close call. I looked at the masseur carefully. Fortunately, he didn't seem to be gay. At that time, my clothes were wet with sweat, and I had nightmares for two nights. I couldn't tell my wife when I came home, or she would have another blind dream." After describing his experience in the Massage parlor, Lao Chang felt like putting down a stone in his heart.

Hehe, it seems like an unusual affair, "I joked about Lao Chang again.

After the gathering with Lao Chang and driving home, I pondered his story and exclaimed in my heart: Australian society is indeed relatively free, and everyone can freely choose their preferred way of life. As long as within the legal framework, your behavior will be respected by others. However, for newcomers to Australia, it is important to clearly read the signs of service venues to reduce the risk.--chengdu gay massage.

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