The increasing number of gay in China and their impact on society

With the increase of homosexuality, what are the impacts on society?

Impact 1: Promoting social and ideological progress

The increasing number of homosexuals indicates that the inclusiveness of society is increasing, and people's thinking is advancing. More and more homosexuals are daring to openly express their sexual orientation and refuse "formal marriage". Gay relationships are becoming increasingly accepted by the public, and many homosexuals are also daring to express their love. Because they have been recognized and accepted by the homosexual community, they choose to come out.

Impact 2: Gay and lesbian groups receive more protection

During the NPC and CPPCC sessions, deputies to the National People's Congress proposed to include the cohabitation relationship of LGBT groups in the proposal, while protecting the basic rights and interests of LGBT groups from discrimination in the workplace. At the same time, CCTV publicly stated that homosexuality is not a disease! This group should receive more legal protection! Efforts have been made to promote equal access to development opportunities for all, and the social equity guarantee system, with fair distribution as the main content, has played a role in maintaining social stability and development, making homosexuals no longer the object of ridicule.

Impact 3: Promoting the development of the entertainment industry

With the progress of social ideology, the market of sex toys has developed rapidly in recent years. Among them, the sex toys for Gay men men are the category with the fastest growth rate in the sex toys industry. The growth rate in 2020 is more than 53.8% compared with 2019. It is precisely because the number of Gay men men is rising, which has also driven the development of the sex toys industry. At the same time, some brands focusing on developing sex toys for Gay men men have emerged.

Let's take our well-known domestic gay fun brand, JEUSN, which was born in 2015 and headquartered in Guangdong, China. Since its establishment, it has been elaborately creating brands and products for the gay community. It has a variety of online celebrity gay smart and happy toy products: Qiangaobang series, prostate massager series, gay lubricant series and a series of products specially created for gay people!

Impact 4: The decline of the Divorce demography

Among them, 3.733 million pairs of divorce registrations were registered in 2020, of which 1.865 million pairs were generally calculated, which is 1.93 times the data in the first half of this year. In the first half of 2019, the number of divorce registrations was 2.038 million pairs, which means that whether calculating half of the data from last year or the first half of 2019, the decrease in the number of divorce registrations in the first half of this year has reached about half. The decline in the Divorce demography is partly due to the fact that homosexuals are brave enough to be themselves and no longer subject to family pressure to choose "marriage mode" or "cheating marriage". In general, the marriage rate has declined significantly.

Impact 5: An increase in sexually transmitted disease rates

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. With the increase of homosexual population, the number of AIDS patients has gradually increased in recent years, and the proportion of gay men is relatively high. Because of the physical structure, meeting the needs can only be solved through the back door. Many people do not have the awareness of taking safety measures when having a relationship. However, the anal mucosa is relatively fragile and easy to break, and most gay Sexual partner are unstable, and some even have multiple sexual partners. Failure to take safety measures during sexual intercourse can easily transmit bacteria from the body to others, increasing health risks and large-scale cross infection.--shanghai gay massage.

Actually, when it comes to homosexuality, we should treat it like a normal person

After all, they are also a special group with normal emotional needs

If treated normally, homosexuals will not engage in clandestine relationships

Their normal relationship can also be guaranteed, so there won't be so many problems

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