Chengdu M.C Bathroom Incident

During the National Day holiday, while everyone was still feeling heartbroken during their travels, a set of bathroom "Spring Palace" photos that caused people to have three views destroyed were exposed online.

I have never seen any bathroom that can queue up on the street, and it can be considered unprecedented and unprecedented......

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Insiders watch the door, outsiders watch the excitement.

Unknowingly, when someone sees such a scene, they can't help but stop and observe.

From the perspective of a normal person, if you see a group of men lining up in a long queue at the bathing center, 80% of people will think that the female technicians in this store must have beautiful jobs and exceptional service items.

But the reason why this bathroom in Chengdu was on the hot search list and quickly removed was because it openly and collectively established a foundation.

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In order to celebrate its 12th anniversary, Chengdu MC Bathroom has held an unprecedentedly grand gay friend meeting.

Regardless of whether we know each other or not, we are friends.

In order to distinguish their own attributes, the shop owner carefully prepared fluorescent bracelets in three colors,

If you are 1, wear the red belt;

If it's 0, get blue;

If you can choose between 1 and 0, you can directly receive a green bracelet to wear.

Here, we still need to take the trouble of simply popularizing science. Foreigners don't know what 1 is and what 0 is.

Gay men, don't we have to explain?!

Among Gay men in China, 1 is top, 0 is bottom, and 0.5 is top and bottom.

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Once this event was released, thousands of applicants directly crowded into the Chengdu MC bathroom.

The "industry leaders" rushed from all over the country to witness this unprecedented "gathering".

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Chengdu MC has already gained a small reputation in the game circle of Chengdu and even across the country. Even without organizing activities, it is always packed every weekend.

Although there are not thousands of people who stayed overnight as reported online for this event, staying overnight with a hundred people is also a fun activity.

However, this gay social media event was only held for 2 days and ended prematurely because the visuals were so explosive!!!

As the incident rapidly escalated online, the situation became more and more chaotic, and the store owners had to terminate their activities and close their doors to avoid risks.

The cause of the entire incident still needs to start with the largest gossip forum in China, the "Goose Group".

On October 3rd, the Goose Group took the lead in revealing the Chengdu MC Bathroom incident, which quickly led to slaughter within the group.

Various pictures and videos of washing eyes have emerged one after another, so Twitter and Weibo have been closely linked, and related topics have once made it to the hot search.

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This store celebration party has turned into a group P feast.

According to netizens, thousands of people arrived at the store alone on the day of the event, and countless were still on their way to MC.

The storage cabinets on site are simply not enough, only one person can walk in.

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The scene is like the scene where Ivy was filming in Japan, and it's still the kind of group of hundreds of people.

Due to time constraints, there was no time to warm up, so we started when we caught one...

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Moreover, there are also some 'old age loving' games mixed in, specifically targeting older players.

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The scene has lost control, and the fans are crazy. They usually just......

And they don't avoid people at all, they just find an open space and start fighting directly.

The onlookers next to me were also hesitant to take a good spot, fearing that if they took a step away, the best viewing spot would be occupied by someone else.

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According to netizens, MC bathrooms have their own unique set of "rules" that allow these gay men to experience a heartfelt pleasure under extreme stimulation.

MC bathroom has a fixed number of people limit, only one person can enter one, and each experience lasts for 16 hours.

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After entering, there is a simple shower, and then you head straight to the "battlefield", which is divided into three areas.

The space capsule area, maze area, and big bed sex display area have nothing but a towel for each person.

Anyone who enters can chat up with their friends at will, and act directly when they see the right person. There are many bullies who forcefully bow......

The scene is like a naked combat sports event, with multiple people participating and others applauding and cheering on the side.

The gays on the side, ready to play, are like the group actors in Ivy's movie, waiting for the director's order to come on as substitutes.

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Dear friends who are unable to attend the scene in person, please feel the enthusiasm of the game friends on site

I really don't know what the organizers have in their minds. How dare they openly engage in such collective activities and gatherings where sexual relationships can occur everywhere

It's really using the law as a joke. It's okay to engage in comrade "massage services" on a regular basis. It's really disrespectful to have a long life if you openly gather people and engage in promiscuity.

No wonder the public opinion on the Internet commented that straight men and straight women climbed up Kongtong Mountains overnight.

Homosexuality is already a sensitive topic, and people in the industry are carefully maintaining and adhering to their small Pure Land.

But some people just have to make things happen, a mouse poop spoils a pot of soup.

As is well known, there is still an ambiguous attitude towards homosexuality in China, and no legal declaration has been made. So most homosexuals ultimately find their partner to marry and complete this ritual from ancient times to the present.

While most Gay men will achieve their goals through "formal marriage" or direct "fraudulent marriage" (don't worry, you can only prove that you didn't do this). After marriage, they still wander around in various gay gathering places, keeping their "wives" at home.

This so-called "sexual feast" leads countless men of the same sex, risking being infected with sexually transmitted diseases and rushing to the "battlefield" one after another.

In this Chengdu MC bathroom incident, whose boyfriend, husband, and father are these men.

In this conspiracy, the girls who share the same wife tragically become a fertility machine.

However, some gay men who want to cheat often feel miserable.

Under immense social pressure, not being understood, marriage is a helpless move.

But only without considering it, women who are deceived are not miserable, and the pressure is not great.

You don't love her, but you deceive her. Not loving her, but saying your sadness is her fault.

I do not discriminate against the LGBT community, and I also respect the right of anyone to pursue love.

But I hope that on the premise of pursuing happiness, you can take responsibility for your spouse and not drag problems into another abyss just to cover them up.

If you want to get married, you hope to tell the other party that you are gay at the beginning of the relationship. Although the probability of success is very small, it can at least ensure that a family does not fall into the quagmire of hardship.

Some homosexuals do a bit better, and male homosexuals specifically seek out female homosexuals to "secretly marry", which is to publicly announce marriage on the surface, and the normal wedding process also exists. But after marriage, everyone discussed that they could play their own games. If they want to have children, they all agree to "find a way" to have one. If they don't want to, they can find reasons to prevaricate with their parents.

Although this is not a good strategy, there are really too many more than the scammers.

I hope that when a girl falls in love, she must keep her eyes open and not imagine that you can make a straight gay.

I also hope that all Gays can take responsibility for their choices, and if they like men, they should not marry women.

After reading this article, you may have a better understanding of the current situation of homosexuality in China.---From chengdu gay massage by male.

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